Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who Are the AxeMen and What do We Do?

What We Do:

With a current combined 55+ years of experience in every geographical region and with every type of land surveying, we prepare ajob site as though we were doing the survey ourselves. Our intended services are but not limited to the following:

1) Provide an affordable service to land surveying professionals and established contractors

2) Offer flexible and reasonable project assessments, with timely service completion

3) Availability for consultation and around the clock support and assistance on site or by phone for project managers and /or crew chiefs, contractors,superintendents.

4) We will locate existing property corners,cut, tag and flag line of sight and can accomplish pretty much anything that your normal crew would do for site preparation-but in a fraction of the time.

5) We have the ability to provide precise mapping coordinates using the latest technology available such as Google Earth, Real Time Kinematic global positioning and GPS.

6) We are partners with one of the nations leading equipment suppliers/distributors therefore we can easily accomplish anything related to GPS location, stake out and communication.



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